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Category: STD Dating Websites (AKA Herpes & HIV Dating Sites)
Website: http://www.hmates.com

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Hmates.com Opened A New Door
03 June 2015
Reviewer: A Quiet Storm from Phoenix, AZ

113 of 249 people found this review helpful

Hmates.com opened a new door for me during a time when everything seemed closed off. Once I discovered the site and saw the number of people who could relate to me I had a sense of new found hope! It was so easy to create my profile and it was free. Immediately, I started using all the features. Live audio and chat, search, matchfinder, and anonymous email ;). All of these things without spending a dime. I was truly blown away. I even got a wink within 15 minutes of being on the site. There really isn't a better site for people looking to find others with the same conditions as hmates.com. From the ease of use to the easy going people, you'll find what you're looking for.

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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My Great Experience
27 May 2015
Reviewer: Ready4the1 from Lawrenceville, GA, USA

110 of 221 people found this review helpful

I can't say enough good things about this site I found HMates. With this special "H" condition using the so called regular dating sites can be a challenge. This site removes the uncomfortable intro into the "talk".There are so many members to choose from, you can create a profile to tell everyone who you are and let members contact you, or browse and search the numerous profiles and send messages to the most interesting profiles. The options to narrow your search by age, location and other desired attributes make the experience enjoyable and many successful matches to choose from. The profiles include so much information, not like other sites that show very little or incomplete profiles with not information provided to make a selection. HMates members profiles are all complete, full of tons of information to help you make a match. HMates offers so many features to choose from. You can chat, wink, video, save favorites, use matchfinder, view photo gallery, become a spotlight member, see who's online, check for new members and so much more. HMate is very easy to join, you can set up your profile for FREE, no credit card needed. Much better than other sites that... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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An unethical dating site
21 March 2014
Reviewer: Aerodog from Los Angeles, Ca.

173 of 284 people found this review helpful

This STD dating site is more about their website's earnings than providing its customers an efficient dating experience. Proof: when a dating site asks for donations before they let you use their site this is shady at best. I shouldn't have to say more but here is more: I met a woman using different STD dating site 7 years ago. She was also a member of Hmates. After we both considered ourselves a couple, we contacted all of our dating sites and asked to be removed from their client lists. However, 7 years later we found that Hmates had been using our profiles all along to pad their client base, making it appear like more people use their site than actually do. Also, Hmates removed its notification bar that allows you to check client activity. So as far as you know, you could be reading the profile of a ghost. When I contacted Hmates about that, all they said was they would do something about it. But of course, just like the site itself, its a complete lie i.e. SCAM!

In summary, I would not recommend H Mates to a friend.

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A Guaranteed Positive Experience on HMates.com
29 July 2013
Reviewer: Andrea from Canada

161 of 288 people found this review helpful

My experience with HMates.com has been nothing but a positive experience. When a traumatizing event such as the users on this site have experienced, HMates.com eases your reluctancy to get back out into the dating scene and meet new people. Not only are the members of this site safe and regular people such as yourself, but they are all individuals that understand and fully empathize how it feels to live with a STD. This is where my appreciation for the site and the site's admins truly come into place. HMates.com is a highly organized, easy-to-use, uncomplicated site for people like myself to engage in stimulating conversations without the disposition of an STD. If you decide to take the next proactive step of your life to put yourself out there, I highly recommend HMates.com. There are plenty of varying people of all ages (18+) and of all interests who are just as eager to make conversation with you as you are to them. Even if you are simply curious to see who is out there, every profile you view will not disappoint- HMates.com insists on completing your profile to be as unique as the person you already are! The website... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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Better than the rest
22 April 2013
Reviewer: Chris from VA

128 of 266 people found this review helpful

I've only been registered with HMates for a few weeks, and I must say
I'm impressed thus far. They don't allow people to just register
without actually taking the time to fill out their profiles, so there's
no incomplete or missing info. Registering is a breeze, and straight
forward, if you have questions customer support answers your questions
in a courteous and timely manner. I've made plenty of new friends already
from different parts of the country. They're growing pretty fast and have plenty
to offer new members. I like the instant messaging feature so you can connect
and say hello to anyone that's online. There's also a chat room, and a
matchfinder feature just to name a few. I would recommend HMates to others
looking to connect with like minded people & find new friends and possibly a love
connection. I've tried other sites and I must say for the value and accessibility they're the best! Good luck to everyone that decides to join.

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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HMates, A Great Resource For Me
24 November 2012
Reviewer: Susan from Tallahassee

169 of 345 people found this review helpful

The hmates.com website has been a great resource for me. I have talked with several people online and through the secure messaging about our similarities. I found people who were knowledgable and understanding. The support from the people I've talked with has been very good, and has made my membership worth while. I like that I am able to search within my area and futher refine my criteria. The profile posts require a certain amount of information, making all members contribute something so that you know a little (or a lot) about them. I am able to control how my photo is posted - whether I want donors to see it, or only those who have a photo posted. I would recommend the site to anyone who is looking for a way to meet people who understand. It has been good to talk with people who have walked in your shoes.

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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H Mates is helping people find hope
29 April 2012
Reviewer: Sam from New Brunswick, NJ, USA

198 of 383 people found this review helpful

Hello, I am an HMates.com member who thinks highly enough of HMates that I am willing to write this 100% positive review. The amount of members is plentiful and diverse. The quality of profiles are impeccable and complete so as to reassure authenticity that these are indeed real human beings. The website features amazing things like live chat, IM, and video capabilities. It also has nice things like virtual kisses, favorites, match finder, spotlight, photo gallery, search, browse, who's online, new members, anonymous email, and plenty more. Ease of use and navigation is great. Ease of joining and registration is fast. Customer support, value for the money (free lifetime membership) makes HMates better than other dating, friends or support websites that I have tried. it. I will surely find her in no time. I believe what this website is doing is a great thing and is helping people find hope. There is a stigma that is preventing humans from finding love and this website is the cure. I would promote the website through any means to anyone that has the same circumstances as the members of this website.

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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Truly has made a difference in my life!!
27 April 2012
Reviewer: Green29 from Bristol, Ct, USA

204 of 407 people found this review helpful

So far this site has been most helpful for me to truly connect with
people with my similar situation. I have found that the profiles of the
members are always complete and are very detailed. I love that we as
members have the opportunity to search for a potential connection by not
only state/country but also by condition. There are always members
online and even available to chat with live if someone you are
interested in are in the live chat. The virtual kisses make you feel
special and are a great idea for an ice breaker. Which I think is
AWESOME. I also just love, love, love that you are able to see who has
viewed your profile and easily keep track of who you have viewed. The
whole website is easy to navigate and the success stories are great.
They have given me a new hope for my future. The STD information is also
very helpful. This site was very easy for me to register and easy to
join. From the beginning I had felt right at home. The customer support
hasn't been something that I have needed to use yet so I think that it
is a good sign but I am happy that it is available. And I love how in
each... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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H Mates is GREAT, I love it!
22 April 2012
Reviewer: LovesLife from Georgia, USA

200 of 375 people found this review helpful

I really love the HMates website! It was easy to post my profile and picture, and I was impressed by the guidance that the site provides as you compose your profile - it prompted me to answer questions that I wouldn't have thought to include otherwise. I have been so surprised and happy at the number of matches that I have found in my area of the country. The site offers an easy or advanced search option - if you want to get really specific, the advanced search option is a great tool. You can narrow down your matches by so many criteria: food preferences, hair and eye color, religion (a VERY comprehensive list!), and many others. I like having the ability to send/receive a "virtual kiss" which lets the receiver know that a member is interested. I have been a member of lots of dating sites, but with HMates, I feel like I have a good "feel" for a person's profile. Not all of us are great writers, but the list of interests that appears with each profile gets a lot of information "out there" whether or not a member includes it in his essay. HMates is VERY affordable,... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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Best Site Out There!
19 April 2012

207 of 389 people found this review helpful

My experience with this site has been extremely positive, the amount of members on the site is amazing, which makes your chances of finding that special someone so much more likely, in fact I met my husband from the site. The quality of the profiles is awesome, all the profiles are so complete and thorough. There is so many features like live chat, instant message, videos, virtual kisses to let someone know you are interested, they have match finder, spotlight, they also have a photo gallery, you can search for exactly what type of person you want as far as location, nationality, state, etc. you can also see who is online at the moment, you can see new members, and birthdays, which is a great ice breaker of someone who catches your eye, its a good way to initiate contact simply by saying "happy birthday"! I found the site to be very easy to navigate through, it was very user friendly. The registration process was quite easy. One feature I was quite impressed with was the amount of customer support and the quick response to any questions/help I needed. Its a great value for the money, which is as little... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend H Mates to a friend.

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